1 Mr. Rush

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Mr. Rush

Written by Roger Hargreaves

Illustrated by Roger Hargreaves

Reviewed by Sydney K (age 7)

Mr. Rush

Mr. Rush is always rushing and never finishing what he is doing. Mr. Rush is always saying he is late, but he’s not! Mr. Rush is looking for a job but… which job will be the right one to get money for a vacation? First, Mr. Rush found a restaurant job but… it didn’t go very well. It didn’t go well because he was messing up too much. One thing hungry people can’t stand is: after only taking one bite… their food is taken away! So he tried being a farmer but… it didn’t go too well either. To find out more, read this book.

Who wakes up at 3:00 in the morning and says, “I am late!” and doesn’t even brush his teeth very well? Mr. Rush is the quickest thing on two legs! My favorite part is when Mr. Rush brushes only one tooth, and then rushes down the steps three at a time! Nobody brushes just one tooth! You brush all of them. I think that is really weird. Mr. Rush also didn’t have a very good breakfast. Mr. Rush only boils his eggs for 5 seconds and toasts his bread for 1 second. Then Mr. Rush rushed off. I think that was really weird. I like the pictures because it really shows Mr. Rush rushing around.

I recommend this book to kids who rush around a lot. They could see how it is to do everything wrong all of the time. Another book in this series that I like is Mr. Perfect. He always has to do everything perfect- just the opposite of Mr. Rush!