1 Sammy the Seal

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Sammy the Seal

Written by Syd Hoff

Illustrated by Syd Hoff

Reviewed by Travis S. (age 7) & Eliza L. (age 6)

Sammy the Seal

A seal wants to go out of the zoo because he wants to look around the city. Mr. Johnson, the zookeeper, let Sammy out. He sees cars and people eating in the restaurant. The seal went to a school. He knows how to read. He knows how to write. He played with the kids. At first Sammy was happy outside of the zoo. Later, Sammy was homesick. He was hot. He found a place to swim, but it was someone's bathtub! He wanted to see what it was like in the human world. Sammy went in a taxi to go home to the zoo. Sammy is a lucky seal because in the end of the book, he gets fish.

This book is exciting because the seal gets to go out of the zoo. We like it because we like animals. We like zoos because we see animals there. We like when Mr. Johnson lets Sammy out of the zoo because he gets to look around the world. It was fun to read about a seal who goes to school and learns to read and write.

We recommend this book to kids who like seals like Sammy the Seal. Sammy gets to go out of the zoo. Most seals don't leave the zoo. Most seals don't talk. Sammy talks. We recommend it to kids who are 6 and 7 years old. If you want to learn more about this story, look in this book.