1 Mother, Mother, I Want Another

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Mother, Mother, I Want Another

Written by Maria Polushkin

Illustrated by Diane Dawson

Reviewed by Ruth F. (age 7) & Tanya N.K. (age 7)

Mother, Mother, I Want Another

The mother put the baby mouse in his bed. She helped baby mouse put on his pajamas. Then she read him a bedtime story and gave him a kiss. When she was walking away, baby mouse started to cry and said, "Mother, Mother, I want another." Mother Mouse thought, "Where will I find another mother for my baby?" The mother thought he wanted another mother, but he did not. She got confused. Mother got all of her friends to be the mother of the night, but the baby mouse was still not happy. The baby mouse keeps on saying, "Mother, Mother, I want another." Read this book to find out what baby mouse really wanted.

We like this book because it is funny. We think it is funny because Mother Mouse doesn?t know what Baby Mouse really wants. Mother Mouse keeps on getting another mother for Baby Mouse. Baby Mouse keeps on whining, "Mother, Mother, I want another." Our favorite part is when the mother got her friends to be the mother of the night. We like this part because all the mothers sing Baby Mouse a lullaby. It makes us wonder how the baby mouse feels when all the mothers don?t listen to him.

We recommend this book to children that like joke books and funny fiction books. We also recommend this book to kids from 6-9.