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Written by Richard Egielski

Illustrated by Richard Egielski

Reviewed by Douglas S. (age 6) & Michael S. (age 6)


A boy got a bug from eating corn flakes. The boy went to the doctor and the doctor put a flashlight on his eye. It was a REAL bug! The pills fight the bug. The bug finally escaped. He floats out the boy?s ear. The book shows the bug inside the boy?s body. The bug is scared. He?s trying to escape. The bug in the book got wet and swam to the bug doctor. The bug doctor gave pills to the bug. Michael?s mom got a bug once. She was sick. She got pills in her body. The pills helped his mom. She got better.

The book is good because it is funny. We laughed when the bug swam. Bugs can?t swim! The pills are so big. They always notice where the bug is hiding inside the boy?s body. The story is like a scary book. The bug is so scared, so it makes us scared. The bug is in the body. It?s scary when the pills come to kill the bug. It gets much better every time we read it. We got to see what?s inside the boy?s body. It?s fun to learn. We thought that it was funny because at the end the bug doctor copied the kid doctor. The bug escaped out of the boy?s ear. We wonder how the bug escaped without a map or a book? Read the book to find out.

We recommend this book to kindergartners and first graders. If you want to read a book about a bug in a body, you will like this book.