1 Rifles for Watie

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Rifles for Watie

Written by Harrold Keith

Reviewed by Hunter M. (age 11)

Rifles for Watie

This story is about a boy named Jeff Bussy who enlists in the Union army during the Civil War. One day, he and his regiment walk into a Cherokee village. Jeff's officers visits a girl named Lucy's house, where there are served dinner. His officers find out that the Villagers want the Confederacy to win the war against the Union. Later, Jeff is sent on a scout mission and gets forced to fight for the South. The rest of the story gets interesting, but you will have to read the book to see if he gets killed by his own regiment, or saves himself.

I think the book is awesome. This book is my favorite book because I’m a huge Civil War fan. My favorite part is when the bloodhound chases down Jeff and it ends up that he was just trying to be kind. Jeff gets two dogs on his journey. My favorite character is Noah because he reminds me of myself. Noah is tall like me and would enlist in the army; also he has a low-class friend. (Jeff)

I would recommend reading Rifles for Watie to eight and older. Because there is a lot of violence, it might not be appropriate for little people.