1 The Spiderwick Chronicles

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The Spiderwick Chronicles

Written by Tony Diterlizzi

Reviewed by Ariel.C (age 10)

The Spiderwick Chronicles

This book is about the adventures of three kids named Simon, Jared and Mallory who move into a house with their mother and discover a new world of mystical creatures with whom they interact and even make friends. Their world is full of weird creepy and crawling creatures.

This is the first book called The Field Guide introducing the characters, in the series of five short stories.

If you like to go on a journey and enjoy an adventure, and be enchanted by extraordinary creatures, then you must read this book.

My favorite character is Jared because he knew something was weird in the house. Though no one believed him, he stood by his beliefs without being influenced by others.

He was not only brave, but he was also smart in keeping the Field Guide to himself.

My favorite part was when he escaped from the shape changing ogre Mulgarth. I liked this part because the fight between Jared and Mulgarth was full of action and suspense. I was afraid that Jared would be hurt badly.

I recommend that this book should be read by those who like mystery and fantasy. If you like reading about goblins, fairies, griffins and ogres then is is a must read.