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Written by Elisa Kleven

Illustrated by Elisa Kleven

Reviewed by Isabel G. (age 6)


This book is about a little crocodile named Ernst. Ernst likes to ask, "What if?" about everything that he sees or does. If he's digging a hole in the sand, he'll ask, "What if sand were fudgy instead of sandy? He even asks "What if father was called Pumpernickel instead of father?" He likes to use his imagination.

I know that my mom would get mad at me if I asked, "What if?" all day long like Ernst, but Ernst's mom never gets mad at him for his "What if? questions. His mom and grandma just let him ask "What if? and sometimes they answer him. When Ernst asked, "What if my birthday came every day?, his mother said "then it wouldn't be special." After she says that, Ernst falls asleep and dreams about his "What if?" questions. He takes a spaceship ride into outer space and ends up in a magical world where all his "What if?" questions come true.

I recommend this picture book because the pictures are beautiful. I like Ernst the crocodile because he keeps thinking up things that are silly and the author draws them with lots of color and detail. If you like this book, I think you'll like the Paper Princess, too, by the same author!