1 Gossamer

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Written by Lois Lowry

Reviewed by Julianne M. (age 10)

Gossamer is a fun filled book with action, emotion, and suspense. It is about a world we cannot see. A girl named littlest is in the world, (we cannot see her). She gives us good dreams whike the Sinsteed gives you bad dreams. One night Sinsteed comes and that is a sign that they all will come and give a little boy a nightmare. Littlest has to save the little boy. Can she do it, or will all his good dreams be gone?

I love Gossamer it is suspenseful and fun. I can relate to Littlest because we try to make things right by just helping. This book reminds me of Dead Letter by Betsy Byars because Littlest is like Herculeah, the main character in Dead Letter. They both risk their lives to save someone else’s life. Littlest is such a fun character to read about.

I reacted strangely to the thinking of dream givers. Have you ever thought of a dream giver, or am I the first one to tell you? Well, I think you know how I feel. I also felt comforted bythe sweetness of the book. It's just like your cozy comfy in you bed you fall deep into a book trance and you will not wake till you finish!

I recommend this book to ages 10 and up because at some points it may get confusing and hard for younger readers. I think people who like suspenseful books should read it. If you need a bit of help try reading it read with a teacher or buddy.