1 Piano Lessons Can Be Murder

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Piano Lessons Can Be Murder

Written by R.L. Stine

Reviewed by Michael C. (age 8)

Piano Lessons Can Be Murder

Do you like scary books? If you do, Goosebumps is the book for you. Jerome moves into a new house and at night something plays the piano. Will he die finding out what is playing the piano or will he be safe? Jerome also plays the piano and finds out his piano school is strange. I’m also going to give you a hint of what is playing the piano. It starts with a g. Can you guess what it is? R.L. Stine’s style is writing scary books.

I like this book because it is scary and makes wonder what will happen to Jerome. When I read this book I kind of felt scared. I pictured the story in my head and felt scared. I have not ever read a book like this in my life. It was the only book in the series that scared me. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

I recommend this book for third and fourth graders because it is scary. If you like scary books, Goosebumps might be good books for you. In this book there are surprises, and if you like surprises it is a great book for you to read. Also, if you are not disturbed by the book you will really enjoy it.