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Best Friends

Written by Steven Kellogg

Illustrated by Steven Kellogg

Reviewed by Subin Y. (age 8) & Megan C. (age 7)

Best Friends

Kathy missed Louise so much! She even wished terrible things would happen so Louise would come back from her vacation at Pine Cone Peak. Kathy was jealous because Louise was having fun and she was not. Kathy found out that she was going to have new neighbors. Kathy thought that she was going to make new friends, but it was just a 72 year old man named Mr. Jode and his dog, Sarah. Sarah was expecting puppies. Mr. Jode promised that the first puppy that looked like Sarah would be Kathy's. Louise came home and Kathy was still mad at her because she thought Louise had fun without her. It turned out that Louise missed Kathy, so they became friends again.

Whenever anyone wished for something in the story the illustrator puts stars around the picture, we think that is cool. The funniest part was when Kathy got so mad that she wished a volcano would blast Pine Cone Peak into pebbles. Our favorite part was when Kathy and Louise used their big imagination to go to magic land because they were having so much fun. We think this is an excellent book because it has a lot of pictures and you can really use your imagination. Megan likes the illustrations a lot because they are very pretty.

We recommend this book to kids who have best friends and kids that like to use their imaginations. If you like Steven Kellogg books you should read this book. We think you should read this book to see how the characters are best friends in the beginning and then they get mad at each other, but they become friends again at the end. This is a good book because Kathy learns that just because a friend goes away and has a good time, it does not mean she is not your friend anymore.