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Honus And Me

Written by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by Stephen L. (age 10)

Do you like baseball? Then read Honus & Me. This book is fantastic in many different ways. This story is an unpredictable jaw-dropper involves a famous baseball player and a kid who wants to be a good baseball player but he cannot. In addition, there is some mysterious parts were you do not want to put the book down. Until one day, he uses his power and that makes his dream come true! In addition, you can ask Joe any question about baseball and he will know the answer.

I like this book because it is very descriptive about what is going on in the story and I can really understand what is going on and you can feel what the author is really trying to say. For example, the way the author explains how Joe has this “power'' and what he can do with it. Joe can travel through time with just a baseball card. The year the card was made is the year he will travel to [so he has to be careful]. My favorite character is Joe because he is being very careful about how he uses his card and what he needs to do with it. My favorite part was when Joe was stuck in 1905 and he did not know how to get back to the future but then he remembered that his shoes had holes in them. He had new baseball card in his shoe and he didn't even know it but then he finds it so then he is thankful that he did not trade his card for money and that his mom was to poor to buy him new shoes. Without that card he could not go back home to the future! With a card, he can go through time or back in time.

When Joe goes back to 1905 he turns into a man. He plays in the World Series in 1905, and the Pirates win the game because of him. Joe felt good because he reached his goal. Will Joe turn back to a kid again?

I recommend this book to kids ages 9-12 who like baseball, suspense and mysterious books. Once you finish Honus & Me, you should read the rest of the series and just to tell you they are all detailed to! I will bet you will want to read them repeatedly. Who knows, you might even think that some are better than Honus & Me!