1 The Boys Start the War

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The Boys Start the War

Written by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Reviewed by Katie D. (age 10)

The Boys Start the War

The Malloy girls and Hartford boys are rivals at the start! The Malloy's have just moved from Ohio to Buckman to discover four noisy Hartford boys living across the street. Eddie, Beth and Caroline Malloy think of some crazy stuff to get back at some rambunctious boys!

I love this book so much! The Hartford's and Malloy's do not seem like neighbors but siblings. They seem like siblings because they are always playing tricks on each other. When either the boys or girls do something to other group they have to do something better to get back at them. I can connect a lot to the rivalry that the girls and boys go through because I have two brothers and I can feel the tension. This series really helped me think of ways to get back at my brothers.

I recommend this book to kids from the age 9-12, both boys and girls. If you have siblings, cousins, or anyone you want to get back at, this book is good for you!