1 Goodbye Grace

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Goodbye Grace

Written by Madonna

Illustrated by Jeffrey Fulvimari

Reviewed by Felicia B (age 11)

Goodbye Grace

Have you ever been sad because of an e-mail? Well that's how the English Roses felt. In the book Goodbye Grace by Madonna, Grace and her friends call themselves the English Roses. They are popular and do every thing together. The English Roses get a huge surprise. Grace checks her email and something pops up with a shocking surprise! The girls are all upset. How will they handle this news and how will it affect their friendship? To discover the answer to these questions, and learn about Grace's story you should read the book.

I loved the style of Madonna because she often takes problems in the book and makes them humorous. For example, she says, "If you haven't heard of the English Roses then dear you have been watching too much TV." I also like her descriptions. When they had the bake sale, she said the orange, pink, red, and yellow strings were hanging from the ceiling. This helped me picture what is in the story. It makes it more real. If you have not read this series, I recommend that you to read the first book, The English Roses, before you read Goodbye Grace. The English Roses is a short picture book and reading it first will help you know what's going on in Goodbye Grace. I also like when Madonna writes the shocking email that Grace finds. That makes me feel like something has gone wrong. I am just like Grace because we both play soccer and we both have a group of friends. We also have a name for our group. Hers is the English Roses and my group is called The Five Funky Galz. I wish I could meet Grace because we could be good friends and we have a lot in common.

I recommend this book to people who like drama and people who have groups of friends. This book is all about a group of friends who help each other get through everyday life. People who like humor books will also like this book because Madonna makes things very funny. She puts funny jokes and comments in-between serious events.