1 The Dog: Why are Dog's Noses Wet?

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The Dog: Why are Dog's Noses Wet?

Written by Howie Dewin

Reviewed by Skyler L. (age 8)

The Dog: Why are Dog's Noses Wet?

I read about dogs. I wonder why dogs’ noses are wet. I read they lick them. If you’re thinking why do dogs sniff everything? They smell everything to find out what’s going on in the world. Or if you are wondering why they howl at the moon? They howl at the moon to talk with other dogs. Why don’t you read this book to find out more?

I think The Dogs is a great book because it tells me how they live. I enjoyed the part when it told me why they lick their nose. I suppose The Dogs book reminds me of myself because I get excited when I see a dog just like other dogs do. I think dogs are nice. I felt great after I read this book. It made me wonder about my dog, Coco.

I recommend this book because I like dogs and other people might like reading about dogs. I recommend this book to my friends. I think the story will interest readers because the characters are dogs and they act funny.