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Jack and the Beanstalk (2 reviews)
Jack and the Beanstalk (LLI)
Jack and the Giant Barbecue
Jack Frost and the Magic Paint Brush
Jack Russel Dog Detective: The Buried Biscuits
Jack Russell: Dog Detective
The Jacket
Jackie and Me (5 reviews)
Jackie Chan Adventures- Day of the Dragon
Jackie Joyner Kersee: Superwoman
Jackie Robinson (2 reviews)
Jacky Ha-Ha (2 reviews)
Jacob Have I Loved
Jaguar (2 reviews)
The Jaguar's Jewel (3 reviews)
Jake Baked the Cake
Jake Drake Know-it-All (2 reviews)
Jake Drake- Bully Buster
Jake Ransom and the Skull King's Shadow
The Jalapeno Man (2 reviews)
Jamaica Louise James
James and the Giant Peach (23 reviews)
Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato
Janitors (2 reviews)
Janitor's Boy (4 reviews)
January Joker
A Japanese Legend
Jasmine and the Treasure Chest
Jason and the Golden Fleece
Jason and the Sea Otter
Jason's Bus Ride
Jason's Gold
Jasper the Terror
Jedi Academy
Jeff Rides a Spaceship
Jell-it Jack
Jemma Hartman, Camper Extraordinaire
Jen and Ten Hens
Jenius The Amazing Guinea Pig (2 reviews)
Jennifer Jones Won't Leave Me Alone (3 reviews)
Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher (2 reviews)
Jess and the Stinky Cowboys
Jesse Owens
Jessica's Monster Nightmare
Jessie, New Nanny
The Jester Has Lost His Jingle (2 reviews)
Jig Saw Jones - The Best Pet Ever
Jigsaw Jones (2 reviews)
Jigsaw Jones and the Case of the Class Clown (2 reviews)
Jigsaw Jones and the Case of the Runaway Dog
Jigsaw Jones Mystery-The Race Against Time
A Jigsaw Jones Mystery: The Case of the Disappearing Dinosaur
A Jigsaw Jones Mystery: The Case of Hermie the Missing Hamster (11 reviews)
A Jigsaw Jones Mystery: The Case of the Spooky Sleepover
Jigsaw Jones, The Case of the Snowboarding Superstar (2 reviews)
Jigsaw Jones: The Case of the Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost
Jigsaw Jones: The Case of the Missing Baseball Cards
Jigsaw Jones: The Case of the Sneaker Sneak (2 reviews)
Jim & Me
Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
Jimmy on Ice
Jingle Bugs
Joe Sherlock and The Missing Monkey Eye Diamond
Joey Pigza Loses Control (2 reviews)
Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key (3 reviews)
John Henry (2 reviews)
John Muir: Making the Mountains Glad
John Philip Duck
Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Tremain
Johnny's in the Basement
JoJo and Winnie Again
The Jolly Christmas Postman
Josefina Saves the Day
The Josefina Story Quilt
Joseph had a Little Overcoat (2 reviews)
Josephina's Surprise (2 reviews)
Josh Taylor Mr. Average
Joshua T. Bates Takes Charge
Joshua T. Bates In Trouble Again
Joshua's Song
The Journal of Ben Uchida (2 reviews)
The Journal of Biddy Owens, the Negro Leagues
The Journal of Joshua Loper
The Journal of Joshus Loper
The Journal of Otto Peltonen
Journal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty, United States Marine Corps (3 reviews)
The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins: A WWII Soldier (5 reviews)
The Journey
Journey Through Heartsongs
Journey to America: Fiona McGilray's Story: A Voyage from Ireland in 1849
Journey to the Center of the Earth (2 reviews)
Journey to Ellis Island
Journey to Freedom
Journey To The New World
Journey to Nowhere

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