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I, Crocodile (2 reviews)
I, Houdini
Ibis: A True Whale Story (2 reviews)
Ice Cream Summer
The Ice Dragon
Ice-Cold Birthday
Icky Bug Colors
If Anything Ever Goes Wrong at the Zoo
If The Dinosaurs Come Back (2 reviews)
If I Had a Robot
If I Ran the Zoo (2 reviews)
If Roast Beef Could Fly
If the Shoe fits
If Wishes Were Horses (2 reviews)
If You Gave a Pig a Pancake (2 reviews)
If You Give a Cat a Cupcake (2 reviews)
If You Give a Moose a Muffin (3 reviews)
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (11 reviews)
If You Give A Pig A Pancake (7 reviews)
If You Give a Pig a Party
If You Hopped Like a Frog
If You Lived With the Iroquois
If You Only Knew
If You Take a Mouse to the Movies (5 reviews)
If You Take a Mouse To School (11 reviews)
Iggy Peck Architect
Igraine the Brave
I'll Fix Anthony
I'm afraid of bees
I'm a Frog
I'm the King of the Mountain (3 reviews)
I'm Not a Supermouse
I'm Sorry
I'm Still Here in the Bathtub: Brand New Silly Dilly Songs
Imagination According to Humphrey
Imogene's Antlers (2 reviews)
In the Attic
In the City of Dreams
In the Dark
In a Dark Dark Room
In the Hand of the Goddess
In The Haunted House
In the Huddle with Steve Young (2 reviews)
In My Enemy's House
In November
In a People House (3 reviews)
In the Small, Small Pond
In Their Own Words-Benjamin Franklin
Inch by Inch
The Incredible Book Eating Boy
the Incredible Journey
Incredible You! Ten ways to let your greatness shine through
The Incredibles
Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison
The Indian in the Cupboard (7 reviews)
Indiana Jones and the Face of the Dragon
Indians on the Bonnet
Infinity Ring A Mutiny In Time
The Ink Drinker (2 reviews)
The Innocent Polly Mcdoodle
Insect Invaders
Inside the Helmet: My Life as a Sunday Afternoon Warrior
Interstellar Pig
Into the Land of the Unicorns (4 reviews)
Into the Sea
Into the Wild (2 reviews)
Invasion From Plant X
The Invention of Hugo Cabret (4 reviews)
The Invisible Boy (2 reviews)
The Invisible Dog
Invisible in the Third Grade
Invisible Inc.- The Karate Class Mystery
Invisible Lissa
The Invisible Mistakecase
Invisible Stanley (5 reviews)
Ira Sleeps Over (3 reviews)
Iris and Walter (2 reviews)
Iris and Walter and Baby Rose
The Iron Giant
The Iron Ring
Is the Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There is?
Is This a Monster
Is Your Mama a Llama (5 reviews)
island of the aunts
Island of the Blue Dolphins (9 reviews)
Island of Doom
The Isle of Mists (Secrets of Droon Series #22)
It Came from Beneath the Bed
It came from beneath the sink (2 reviews)
It Didn't Frighten Me
It Looked Like Spilt Milk (8 reviews)
It was a dark and Stormy Night
It Zwibble, The Star-Touched Dinosaur
Itch! Itch!
Itchy Itchy Chicken Pox (2 reviews)

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