How to Get Famous in Brooklyn

Written by Amy Hest • Illustrated by Linda Sawaya

Reviewed by Brittany B. (age 8) and Samantha W. (age 8)

Wow, that was a great story! It was about a girl named Janie and her dog Cleopatra and her notebook. She took them everywhere she went and wrote down everything, including: neighborhood secrets, neighborhood stories and neighborhood people. She tells about her thinking in her notebook and describes it in pictures.

We would like to recommend this book because it was very interesting. Why? Well, we?ll tell you. It made you feel like you were there. The pages made you feel like they were real notebook pages because the illustrator made lines like real notebooks and made it look like a kid was drawing pictures of cities, schools and people in the notebook. Amy Hest chose describing words to describe Janie and how she was which made the book more interesting.

Brittany B. and Samantha W. are students in Mrs. Mayer's 2nd Grade Class