1001 Questions and Answers About Animals

Written by Michele Staple

Reviewed by Gabriel Z. (age 6) and Christopher M. (age 6)

This book has great questions and answers about animals. Under octopi and squid, for example, there are five different questions. They're all very interesting. The questions are: "What is the difference between an octopus and a squid?", "How big is a giant squid?", "How does an octopus capture its prey?", "What is special about the eyes of a squid?" and "How does the blue ringed octopus protect its eggs?" Each answer has about 4 or 5 good sentences that really answer the question about the animal.

We recommend this book because it has great information. We recommend this book because it has great animals. But, one problem is that the index page numbers are inaccurate.

Gabriel Z. and Christopher M. are students in Julie's 1st Grade Class