Itch! Itch!

Written by Annie Jo • Illustrated by Esther Szegedy

Reviewed by Catharine D. (age 6), Chelsea B. (age 6) and Jeanine F. (age 6)

We think that you should read "Itch! Itch!" because it's a repeating book for little kids. And this is how it goes: "Itch. Itch. Scratch. Scratch. I got it in the ivy patch. Oh, oh, my _________!" You can write "my leg" or "nose" or "tummy" or "foot". And the kids in this book get hurt by the ivy patch. Why is it like that? We don't know. We were just kidding about we don't know. We will tell you. The author did it like that.

We love this book so much. We love the pictures because on one of the pages the girl takes off her shoes and it's funny. There are bubbles in the pictures that show the kids talking. We think everybody should read this book because we all like it.

Catharine D., Chelsea B. and Jeanine F. are students in Pam's K-1 Class