The Great White Man Eating Shark

Written by Margaret Mahy • Illustrated by Jonathan Allen

Reviewed by William N. (age 6) and Drew E. (age 6)

This book is about a boy named Norvin that was a great actor. But they didn't have any shark movies for him to act in so he quit acting. So he started to swim and he could swim like a silver arrow through the water. But when he tried to swim like a silver arrow, he bumped into people. So he cut a dorsal fin out of plastic so he looked like a shark. He scared everybody a lot. So he had the whole beach to himself. At the end Norvin gets scared about something.

We recommend this book because Norvin learned a lesson. If you like sharks you'll like this book. We liked the illustrations because they really make sense with the words.

William N. and Drew E. are students in Julie's 1st Grade Class