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Authors Title
Ya ccarino, Dan Bicycle for Sale
Ya ccarino, Dan The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp
Ya ccarino, Dan Hilda Hen's Scary Night
Yabuuchi, Masayuki Fire Kids
Yabuuchi, Masayuki Whose Baby?
Yaccarino, Dan If I Had a Robot
Yaccarino, Dan Unlovable
Yamada, Kobi What Do You Do With a Chance?
Yashima, Mitsu and Taro Momo's Kitten
Yasmin, Bratz Keep'n it Real
Yee, Lisa Aloha,Hawaii
Yee, Lisa Kanani
Yee, Wong Big Black Bear
Yee, Wong Eek! There's a Mouse in the House
Yee, Wong Mrs. Brown Went to Town
Yee, Wong Herbert A Small Christmas
Yep, Laurence Dragonwings
Yezerski, Thomas F. Together in the Pinecone Patch
Yoen, Jane The Haunted House
Yolan, Jane Beneath the Ghost Moon
Yolen, Jane Comander Toad and the Space Pirates
Yolen, Jane Commander Toad and the Planet of Grapes
Yolen, Jane Commander Toad and the Voyage Home
Yolen, Jane The Devil's Arithmetic
Yolen, Jane Dragon's Blood
Yolen, Jane How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Read?
Yolen, Jane How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?
Yolen, Jane Owl Moon
Yolen, Jane Welcome to the Ice House
Yorinks, Arthur Hey, Al
Yorinks, Arthur HEY, AL !
Yoshiko, Uchida The Rooster who Understood Japanese
Young, Amy Belinda the Ballerina
Young, Ed Lon Popo
Young, Ed Seven Blind Mice
Young, James My Bunny
Young, Karen Romano The Beetle and Me
Zeff, Claudia Jason and the Golden Fleece
Zeinert, Karen To Touch the Stars
Zelinsky, Paul Rapunzel
Zelinsky, Paul Rumpelstiltskin (retold)
Zender, Paul Girl Meets World: Follow Your Heart
Zender, Paul The Reef of Death
Ziefert, Harriet April Fool
Ziefert, Harriet The Cow in the House
Ziefert, Harriet Goody New Shoes
Ziefert, Harriet Jason's Bus Ride
Ziefert, Harriet A New Coat for Anna
Ziefert, Harriet Sleepy Dog
Ziefert, Harriet The Three Little Pigs (Retold by Harriet Ziefert)
Ziefert, Harriet Under The Water
Ziegler, Jennifer Revenge of the Flower Girls
Zim, Herbert Rocks,Gems and Minerals
Zindel, Paul The Pigman
Zindel, Paul Rats
Zion, Gene Harry and the Lady Next Door
Zion, Gene Harry the Dirty Dog
Zoehfeld, Kathleen The Curse of King Tutís Mummy
Zoehfeld, Kathleen W. Roo's New Babysitter
Zolotow, Charlotte When I Have a Little Girl/When I Have a Little Boy
Zolotow, Charlotte When the Wind Stops
Zolotow, Charlotte William's Doll
Zombie, Zack Diary of a Minecraft Zombie