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Authors Title
Naden, C. J. I Can Read About Sharks
Nagel, Karen Berman Two Crazy Pigs
Nagler, Michelle Scooby Doo Meet Bigfoot
Namioka, Lensey Yang the Youngest and His Terrible Ear
Namm, Diane Monster
Napoli, Donna Stones in Water
Napoli, Donna Three Days
Nash, Margaret Secret in the Mist
Nayer, Judy Dinosaurs at Your Fingertips
Nayer, Judy A Tree Can Be...
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Boys Against Girls
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds The Boys Start the War
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds The Boys Start the War/ The Girls Get Even
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Cuckoo Feathers
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds The Girls' Revenge
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Girls Rule
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds The Grand Escape
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Saving Shiloh
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Shiloh
Nees, Susan Missy's Super, Duper, Royal, Deluxe Class Pets
Nelson, JoAnna Peanut Butter and Jelly
Nelson, Kadir Nelson Mandela
Nelson, Ray A Dinosaur Ate My Homework
Ness, Evaline Goosebumps: The haunted car
Ness, Evaline Sam, Bangs and Moonshine
Neusner, Dena The Star of the Show
Newell, Robert Heidi
Newell, Robert Road Word Ahead
Newman, Gary Fishing
Newman, Leslea Hachiko Waits
Newschwander, Cindy Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi A Math
Newton Peck, Robert Little Soup's Bunny
Nez, Rewing Forbidden Talent
Nickel, Scott The Day of the Field Trip Zombies
Nickel, Scott Garfield's Extreme Cuisine Pigging Way Out
Nickerson, Sara How to Disappear Completely and Never be Found
Nickles, John The Ant Bully
Night, P.J. There's Something Out There
Nilsen, Anna Where Are Percy's Friends?
Nimmo, Jenny Midnight for Charlie Bone
Nix, Garth The Seventh Tower Aenir (3)
Nix, Garth The Seventh Tower: The Fall
Nixon, Joan Lowery Caught in the Act
Nixon, Joan Lowery The Haunting
Nixon, Joan Lowery The Name of the Game Was Murder
No Author, Fairy Tale Favorites: The Wizard of Oz
Noble, Trinka Meanwhile Back at the Ranch
Noel, Alyson Radience
Nolan, Tina Animal Rescue Rusty The Injured Fox Cub
Nolen, Jerdine Plantzilla
Nolen, Jerdine Raising Dragons
North, Carol The Three Bears
Northolson, Arielle More Bones
Norton, Miriam The Kitten Who Thought He Was a Mouse
Novelization, Junior The Incredibles
Noyes, Alfred The Secret of Pooduck Island
Noyes, Eli Ruff's Bone
Numeroff, Laura 10-Step Guide to Living with Your Monster
Numeroff, Laura Beatrice Doesn't Want to
Numeroff, Laura Chimps Don't Wear Glasses
Numeroff, Laura Dogs don't wear sneakers
Numeroff, Laura If You Gave a Pig a Pancake
Numeroff, Laura If You Give a Cat a Cupcake
Numeroff, Laura If You Give a Moose a Muffin
Numeroff, Laura If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Numeroff, Laura If You Give A Pig A Pancake
Numeroff, Laura If You Give a Pig a Party
Numeroff, Laura If You Take a Mouse to the Movies
Numeroff, Laura If You Take a Mouse To School
Numeroff, Laura What Daddies do Best
Numeroff, Laura What Grandmas Do Best
Nuzum, K.A. The Leanin Dog
O'Brien, Robert C. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh
O'Brien, Robert C. The Silver Crown
O'Connell, Jean The Dollhouse Caper
O'Connell, Jennifer Ten Timid Ghosts
O'Connor, Barbara The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester
O'Connor, Barbara How to Steal a Dog
O'Connor, Jane Fancy Nancy
O'Connor, Jane Fancy Nancy: Apples Galore
O'Connor, Jane Fancy Nancy: The Dazzling Book Report
O'Connor, Jane Molly the Brave and Me
O'Connor, Jane Nina, Nina, Ballerina
O'Connor, Jane Sir Small and the Dragon Fly
O'Dell, Scott The Black Pearl
O'Dell, Scott Island of the Blue Dolphins
O'Dell, Scott Sing Down the Moon
O'Grady, Scott Basher Five-Two
O'hearn, Kate Pegasus the flame of Olympus
O'Keefe, Susan One Hungry Monster
O'Neill, Alexis Mean Jean the Recess Queen
O'Neill, Alexis The Recess Queen
O'Neill, Alexis The Worst Best Friend
O'Neill, Marin The Penguin Who Wanted To Be Different
O'Neill, Sarah Sleeping Animals
O'Shaughnessy McKenna, Colleen Live from the Fifth Grade
Oakes, Cory Dinosaur Boy
Obregon, Jose Maria Kaka
Odgers, Darrel and Sally Jack Russel Dog Detective: The Buried Biscuits
Odgers, Darrel and Sally Jack Russell: Dog Detective

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