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Authors Title
J. Buller, S. Schade My Life as a Gamer
Jackson, Ellen Brown Cow, Green Grass, Yellow Mellow Sun
Jackson, Ellen Cinder Edna
Jackson, Ian The Great Animal Search
Jacobs Altman, Linda Amelia's Road
Jacobson, Jennifer Andy Shane and the Very Bossy Dolores Starbuckle
Jacobson, Jennifer Richard Andy Shane and the Barn Sale Mystery
Jacques, Brian Castaways of the Flying Dutchman
Jacques, Brian Lord Brocktree
Jacques, Brian Marlfox
Jacques, Brian Martin, the Warrior
Jacques, Brian Salamandastron
Jahn-Clough, Lisa My Friend and I
Jamaldinian, Joe Bob Winging It
James, Allen Syvester and the Magic Pebble
James, Brian Catkid, Three's a Crowd
James, Brian Catkid, Three's a Crown
James, Brian The Shark Who Was Afraid of Everything
James, Kari Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus
James, Simon Baby Brains
James, Simon Dear Mr. Blueberry
James, Sylvia Seahorses
Jane, Pamela Milo and the Fire Engine Parade
Jane Leslie, Conly Racso and the Rats of NIMH
Jaques, Brian The Bell Maker
Jaques, Brian The Great Redwall Feast
Jaques, Brian The Long Patrol
Jaques, Brian Mattimeo
Jaques, Brian MossFlower
Jaques, Brian The Outcast of Redwall
Jaques, Brian Pearls of Lutra
Jaques, Brian Redwall
Jaques, Brian Taggerung
Jarrell, Randall The Bat Poet
Jarvis, Robin Thorn Ogres of Hagwood
Jean Craighhead, George How to Talk to Your Dog
Jeffers, Oliver How to Catch a Star
Jeffers, Oliver The Incredible Book Eating Boy
Jeffers, Oliver Lost and Found
Jeffers, Oliver Stuck
Jeffers, Susan Brother Eagle, Sister Sky
Jeffers, Susan My Pony
Jeffries, Alison Sam and the Bag
Jenkins, Jerry Left Behind #1 The Vanishings The Kids
Jenkins, Martin Chameleons are Cool
Jenkins, Martin The Emperor's Egg
Jenkins, Steve What do You do With a Tail Like This?
Jennifer, Dussling Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!
Jennings, Linda Penny and Pup
Jennings, Patrick Guinea Dog
Jennings, Patrick The Wolving Time
Jennings, Paul Unmentionable: More Amazing Stories
Jennings, Sharon Franklin Plants A Tree
Jennings, Sharon Franklin's Library Book
Jensen, Patricia A Funny Man
Jeram, Anita Bunny my Honey
Jeschke, Susan Perfect The Pig
Jeter, Derek The Life You Imagine: Derek Jeter
Jeter, K. W. Star Wars: The Mandalorian Armor: The Bounty Hunter Wars: Book 1
Jeunesse, Gallimard Airplanes and Flying Machines
Jeunesse, Gallimard The River, A First Discovery Book
Jeunesse, Gallimard Whales
Jewell, Nancy Two Silly Trolls
Jim, Benton The Fran That Time Forgot
Jim, Benton Franny K. Frandidate
Jinkins, Jim Doug's First Movie
Jinks, Catherine Pagan's Crusade: Book One of the Pagan Chronicles
Jo, Annie Itch! Itch!
John, Jory The Bad Seed
John, Jory The Good Egg
Johnson, Ann Donegan The Value of Tenacity - The Story of Maurice Richard
Johnson, Arden The Lost Tooth Club
Johnson, Crockett Harold and the Purple Crayon
Johnson, Crockett Harold's Circus
Johnson, Doug Never Babysit the Hippopotamuses
Johnson, Doug Never Ride Your Elephant to School
Johnson, Doug Tops & Bottoms
Johnson, Jay Know-It-Alls Dinosaurs!
Johnson, Jinny Children's Guide to Insects and Spiders
Johnson, M.D., Spencer The Value of Courage - The Story of Jackie Robinson
Johnson, M.D., Spencer Who Moved My Cheese? For Kids
Johnston, Jennifer Magic School Bus: The Great Shark Escape
Johnston, Tony The Bull and the Fire Truck
Jonas, Ann El Trayecto/The Trek
Jonas, Ann The Quilt
Jonell, Lynne Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat
Jones, Cathy Favorite Pets
Jones, Dandy Ghosts Don't Eat Potato Chips
Jones, Elizabeth McDavid American Girl: The Night Flyers
Jones, Kimberly K. Sand Dollar Summer
Jones, Marcia Bailey School Kids: The Monsters Next Door
Jones, Marcia Ghost Don"t Eat Potato Chips
Jones, Marcia Ghost Game
Jones, Marcia Top Dog
Jones, Miranda Little Genie: Double trouble
Joosse, Barbara M. Michelle Kwan
Jordan, Apple Barbie School Days
Jordan, Apple The Sky is Falling
Jordan, Deloris Salt In His Shoes
Jordan, Sherryl The Wednesday Wizard

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